Be prepared for the only official Portuguese language test in Brazil!


With the CELPE-BRAS preparation course, be prepared for the only official Portuguese language test in Brazil.

• Be prepared for the only official Portuguese language test

• Have a certification to prove your Portuguese skills

• Get a personalized follow-up



The CELPE-BRAS is a Portuguese exam, it is the only recognized diploma in Brazil attesting your Portuguese level. It is composed in two parts:

  1. Written part: Oral and written comprehension and writing test
  2. Oral part: evaluation of your oral expression and interaction capacities

This CELPE-BRAS program is a special 15h course to enhance your Portuguese skills and be prepared for the certification exam.

This course is made of former exams in order for you to get the highest grade possible during the exam.



The “CELPE-BRAS” course offers many benefits to its students:

• Personalized follow-up for each student

• Specific preparation for the exam 

• Useful tips and strategy to maximize performance during the final exam



• Grammatical reinforcement workshops (Tuesdays and Thursdays- 14h-15h- free of charge)

• Native teachers especially prepared to coach you for the CELPE-BRAS exam

• Many discounts with our partners (restaurants, movies, museums …) – CLUBE DE BENEFICIOS



Our courses are open to any student, expatriate or their households, coming from any horizon, without restrictions concerning their formation and their language level, willing to enter Brazil for work or studies.



This CELPE-BRAS course aims to prepare students, expatriates or their households, willing to take the only exam certifying your Portuguese level in Brazil. This course will give you the tools to get the best grade possible.



Our courses are given by native Brazilians, qualified by IFESP to teach Portuguese to foreigners.



We provide quality teaching methods made of theory courses and practical exercises.

We also use former exams to guarantee the best preparation possible for D-day.



Your progress will be evaluated daily thanks to tests and simulations.

At the end of the program, you will receive a course certificate* specifying your level and class attendance. You will be evaluated on written tests, oral comprehension and class participation.

To obtain your certificate you must assist to at least 75% of class hours.

*this certificate does not provide a diploma recognized by the state. The CELPE-BRAS is the only Portuguese exam recognized in Brazil.


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S'il vous plaît, voyez ci-dessous mon témoignage e ci-join une photo ! Étudier au IFESP a été vraiment satisfaisant. Les cours sont bien definis, avec des cahiers des études excellents au lieu des livres prêts qui n'accompagnent pas le rythme du groupe. Les exercises du site exclusive des étudiants (MOODLE) ont été aussi très important pour la pratique et pour l'évaluation de mon apprentissage pendant les cours. De plus, le cli...

Carla Vicentini
Prepa Dalf
Dec 21, 2010