Find out how to develop your network in Brazil!


The “Pitch and networking in Portuguese” workshop is the only workshop which can teach you how to adapt your networking techniques for the Brazilian job market.

• Develop your professional pitch to be ready to in any given situation

• Learn storytelling techniques

• Know how to use networking and widen your network

• Learn the main networking differences between your culture and the Brazilian



The “Pitch and Networking” workshop is an exclusive Speak Portuguese Brazil creation.

• All our course materials are appropriated and authentic

• All classes are concluded by practical exercises with role plays in Portuguese


In group workshops:

This workshop takes place on Thursdays from 9am to 11am*:

*Get in touch with us to know the next workshop dates.




Pitch and Networking


9 – 11am


One to one workshops:

The time and date of this two hours workshop can be defined according to the teacher´s and the student´s availability (and room vacancies).



The “Pitch and networking in Portuguese” workshop offers many benefits to its students:

• Personalized follow-up for each student

• Orientation and tips for expatriation to Brazil

• Courses in small groups in order to focus on the particular needs of every  student

• Once you´re in the Speak Portuguese Brazil network, you´re in it forever!



• Invitations to the monthly “CCFB Entrepreneur Committee” conference 

• Many discounts with our partners (restaurants, movies, museums …) – CLUBE DE BENEFICIOS

• Networking events with Brazilians and the foreign community in Brazil



Our courses are open to any student, expatriate or their households, coming from any horizon, without restrictions concerning their formation and their language level, willing to obtain the keys to enter the Brazilian job market.



Our professional workshops aim to qualify all kinds of expatriates searching for a job in Brazil. The Brazilian job market has its own specifications, which is why a good preparation is mandatory to enter successfully in this market.

Our workshops will help you to prepare and will give you all the tools to conduct a successful job research.



Our workshops are led by Franco-Brazilian coaches, qualified and specialized for the Brazilian job market.



We provide quality teaching methods made of theory courses and practical exercises.



Your progress will be evaluated daily thanks to tests and simulations.

At the end of the program, you will receive a course certificate* specifying your level and class attendance. You will be evaluated on written tests, oral comprehension and class participation.

To obtain your certificate you must assist to at least 75% of class hours.

*this certificate does not provide a diploma recognized by the state. The CELPE-BRAS is the only Portuguese exam recognized in Brazil.


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Primeiramente gostaria de agradecer pela atenção prestada a mim, não só pelos orientadores acadêmicos mas também de todos os funcionários, todos muito educados e atenciosos. Meus orientadores durante a visita foram a Ivone e o Guilherme, duas pessoas maravilhosas com uma excelente experiência. Quando cheguei ao IFESP eu não tinha um plano de estudos definido e não tinha noção de como fazer um doutorado na França, ambos me auxiliar...

Gleiciele Alice Vieira Silva
Orientação Acadêmica no IFESP
Apr 03, 2017