Learn Portuguese wherever and whenever you want!

You want to move to Brazil and find a job? Are you soon moving to Brazil, whether alone or with your family? You want to spend your dream holidays in Brazil?

Learn Portuguese wherever and whenever you want through Skype with native Brazilian coaches. They are qualified, efficient and very friendly!


• Learn Portuguese wherever and whenever you want

• Benefit from a personalized course, skype lessons and online learning platform

• Improve your Portuguese skills at your own rhythm



With this course, you will enjoy Skype individual classes and 24/7 access on the online course platform. You can not only choose the course length and the level you want to achieve, but also the theme on which you want to work.

There is no level requirement! If you want to study a specific grammar lesson, prepare for a meeting or an interview, or whether you just want to learn new expressions and Brazilian culture tips, this course is made for you!



Access time on the online platform

Course length

Conversation Plus

1 level on the plateform

+ 2h on skype

6 mois

60 H

Conversation Premium

2 levels on the plateform    + 2h on skype

160 H

Conversation VIP

2 levels on the plateform    + 5h on skype



Online course are available 24/7. Choose the date and time of your course and study at you own rhythm.

Enjoy the “plantão de dúvidas” (live chat) on which you can write your doubts and questions and receive an answer in less than 48h (working days).



Our courses are open to anyone coming from any horizon, without restrictions concerning their studies and their language level, willing to study Portuguese online with personalized follow-up.



Our online Portuguese courses aim to prepare all kinds of students or expatriate coming to Brazil. Immersion Portuguese course will give you the necessary tools to communicate in Portuguese.

You will be able to interact in daily life situations and have the linguistic tools to reach the intermediate level in Portuguese.



Our teachers are native Brazilians highly qualified and trained by IFESP to teach Portuguese to foreigners.



We provide quality teaching methods made of theory courses and practical exercises.

This 100% online course is adapted for foreigners and has been made by native Brazilian teachers specialized in teaching Portuguese to foreigner. This course can also be focused on a cultural and historical approach of Brazil.

The “Plantão de dúvidas” (live chat) allows personalized corrections for students.



Your progress will be evaluated daily thanks to tests and simulations.

At the end of the program, you will receive a course certificate* specifying your level and class attendance. You will be evaluated on written tests, oral comprehension and class participation.

To obtain your certificate you must assist to at least 75% of class hours.

*this certificate does not provide a diploma recognized by the state. The CELPE-BRAS is the only Portuguese exam recognized in Brazil.


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As aulas no IFESP com a professora Alexandrine Brami foram essenciais na conquista do meu grande objetivo que era fazer parte de meus estudos na Sciences-Po de Paris. Essenciais principalmente porque o curso me ajudou não apenas na conquista de meu objetivo, mas também na aquisição de uma maior bagagem cultural e de um crescimento pessoal muito importantes para minha vida. As aulas são extremamente participativas e te incitam a pensar com...

Priscilla Alves Negreiros
Cursou o Preparatório Sciences Po 1 e 2
Aug 12, 2007